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Help get KUTZ on the Air! - Crowdfunding Campaign

The KUTZ-FM team is excited to announce the launch of our long awaited crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is focused on raising the funds we need in order get this station set up and broadcasting at 106.9 FM by the end of this year. 

Our campaign runs July 18th and through August 31st, with the goal of raising $7,500!

Contributions can be made at

Monies raised will go toward costs associated with broadcast launch, including transmitter and other equipment expenses, website hosting and maintenance fees, and other start-up related expenses.  

KUTZ-FM is offering a number of 'thank you' gifts (perks) to our campaign contributors, including stickers, t-shirts, and a limited edition tote bag.  

KUTZ-FM's vision is to broadcast diverse music and public interest programming focused on content which is currently unavailable through other local media outlets. 

This station is part of a grassroots movement to differentiate from generic commercial programming that predominates the airwaves today. It supports the return to a more personable and community focused experience that can be offered by local media.

Help us achieve our goal - spread the word and contribute ...

July 18th through August 31st!