August Shows | by contributor Anthony Siino

Sacramento blesses us and curses us with far too many shows. In the spirit of thrift and economy, these shows should be your top priority through the weekend.

*Sac Stay Home Fest: One day overwhelmingly fat with some of Sacramento's most fun acts, all to raise funds for our local musical instrument library Musiclandria. The jazz guitar of Ross Hammond, the fatty riffs of Sun Valley Gun Club, the ever-so-glamorous and ever-so-dirty Mondo Deco and far more come together in a massive day of music, comedy and even a damn slip-n-slide. Get over to Red Museum (212 15th Street) by 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, to capture the complete experience. Plus, entry is donation-based, so pay what you can (and then some if you really can) and get a Sacramento overdose.

*Wreck and Reference: If Sac Stay Home Fest sounds like a distressing overload of joy and good people, then maybe your mopey self could use some more aggressive and depressive electronic business. Wreck and Reference, Lil' Dowager and Some Ember each take their own turns beating up and tuning down the art of downer electronic music. Highly out-there, highly innovative, highly vulnerable and highly synthy. Hit up the Morgue (look it up) in Davis at 8 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, and carry some cash to help the bands on their way.

*Mattress: Maybe this show's on the list because KUTZ FM is helping to put it on. Or maybe it's on the list because Mattress is rad as hell, a creeping combination of John Maus-ian reverb ghost wails and plinking electro drums. Toss in the experimental pop of Dubais and the psyched-out omega local DIY weirdos of Art Lessing & Flower Vato and you've got a perfect show for that outsider-music loving, utterly deranged but adorably gentle heart of yours. Cafe Colonial (3520 Stockton Boulevard) is the place, Sunday, August 14, is the day and 8 p.m. is the time for you to part with $5 (or more, if'n you're feeling it) for the pleasure of getting downright absurd.

Anthony Siino is a Sacramento writer, editor and otherwise unrespectable deviant who loves music, especially metal, more than he does his own skin. He currently works as the assistant editor of the Sacramento News & Review and can be yelled at directly on Twitter @AnthonySiino.