With the start of the Lunar new year, KUTZ continues to work to turn the Year of the Boar into the Year of No Bores (while promising to not let it dissolve into to the Year of Dad Jokes). We are excited to announce our big plans for the new year — and how KUTZ followers can help.

Six months ago, we went off the air after one and a half years of terrestrial broadcasting, 12 months of which consisted of original content and music curated by local deejays. During the last few months, we have taken steps toward updating our visual presence, securing a location for our antenna, staking our claim on a new frequency, and getting back onto terrestrial radio. In advance of our return to the airwaves, we plan to start streaming  online, a plan that is reliant on an increase in incoming capital, which we are aiming to accomplish within six months.

We are able to cover current operating cost, which includes keeping our website and fundraising service live, as well as paying ancillary fees. Our six-month plan, which culminates with our streaming existing original programming on our website, requires our raising a minimum of $400, which would cover our costs of streaming online for a whole year. Our 12-month plan, which culminates in our returning to the airwaves for terrestrial radio, requires our raising $3,000 to cover the costs of rent for out new antenna location and utilities.

This is where the KUTZ community can help.

We are currently asking for monthly donations to help us cover those costs - first to get us streaming, then to get us back on the airwaves. We are not asking for much - just a few dollars a month from everyone who wants to support local community radio would ensure that we can spread the benefits of community-based freeform radio to midtown Sacramento again.

To break that down, we just need ten people to donate about seven dollars a month to cover the online costs while starting us on the path back to terrestrial radio. That’s ten people forsaking a burrito a month for the enriching benefits of community-based freeform radio. We like burritos, but we’d like to think we have ten friends willing to give up a burrito a month for the benefit of the community. Then again, we’d like to think that we have ten friends. We have ten friends… right?

So, if you’ve listened to us in the past or want to want to help re-launch a truly local midtown-based experience in the near future, please consider lending your financial support to KUTZ over the coming weeks. Regardless of the response to this post, we promise to keep fighting to bring KUTZ to midtown Sacramento. But we’d love it if we can push on with some friends by our side.

Love, The KUTZ Board