Message from the KUTZ Board

Hello KUTZ community!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought it was a good time to talk turkey and keep you KUTZ followers abreast (or a-drumstick) of where we stand at year’s end.

By the end of the month, we should be approved to move our on-air address a few ticks to the left to 103.1 FM, where our programming could be heard in Midtown Sacramento. Soon afterward, we hope to find a new physical home for our antenna and other equipment, which would enable us to get back on the air.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to try and find an affordable way to get our programming available for streaming online, but any location for our antenna and even the cheapest option for online streaming solution costs some money, which leads to our current challenge.

Between various administrative costs, rent and utilities, online streaming fees, and artist royalties, we are looking at about $7,000 for next year’s operating budget. The first step is to raise $2,000, which would cover a year’s rent.

That’s where you, the KUTZ community, can help. We’ll be stepping up our fundraising efforts in our soon-to-be neighborhood in Midtown with more benefit shows and we’ll be raising a large portion of the projected budget with another online fundraiser, but we can’t get back on air without some regular support from the KUTZ community. With more on-going financial support from the community, combined with more benefit shows and another large-scale fundraiser, we should be back to our “regularly scheduled programming” in no time.

The KUTZ mission is to offer radio that serves the community while supporting experience and education for its volunteer staff. If you’re reading this, you can help by becoming a sustaining donor - no matter how small the monthly amount - while spreading the word about KUTZ to your neighbors - about the station, the importance of community radio, and about upcoming shows. In return for your generosity and word-of-mouth assistance, we promise to work harder to keep the momentum going so that KUTZ can be an enduring and essential part of a thriving, creative Sacramento.

We thank you for hanging in there during the last few months and we thank you for taking the time to read this. And if you liked having something KUTZ-related to read, we promise to keep more of it coming, with more regular blog posts so you can feel like you are staying in touch with us. In turn, we’ll feel more connected to you, too, and that’s all we ever wanted when we started this enterprise.

We’ll talk again soon. Again, we hope that your Thanksgiving week has been a good one.

Love, The KUTZ Board