Late August & September Recommendations | by contributor Anthony Siino

Summer isn't over yet, and neither are local tunes. Check out my picks for the coming week's best bets for your show dollars.

Colonial Fest 2: Looking to get into area punk but don't know where to start? How about we start with two days of pop punk, hardcore, rock 'n' roll and more at Cafe Colonial (3520 Stockton Boulevard)? The second Colonial Fest heaps 21 bands across Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28, starting at 3 p.m. both days, and you can get a ticket for both of 'em for $15, or a one-day pass for $10. Performing bands include Cross Class, the O'Mulligans, Peace Killers, Mad Judy, the Enlows, Pisscat, the Rolling Blackouts and way, way more. Did I mention that this whole thing is a fundraiser so Cafe Colonial can pick up better gear to make their shows sound even better? Can't not go now.

Mars Red Sky: OK, so here's how this is gonna go. We're gonna smoke a lot of weed. Huge rips from massive bongs, because we're medical cannabis patients and that's what we need to combat our asthma attacks, according to our scrips. Then we're going to hit up Starlite Lounge (1517 21st Street) to see Mars Red Sky, (waning) and Pinnacles. If you're a metalhead, you'll love the grooving fuzz and heavy vibes. If you're the friend of a metalhead who's been too scared to join said friend at any of their shows, you'll love the gentler psych vibes. If you're a mildly dark person whose only reason to hate metal is the screaming, you'll love how all of these awesome bands enable your moody side without a single gurgle or shriek. No matter what, it's gonna be a full-body experience. Bring $12 when doors open at 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 1.

Anthony Siino is a Sacramento writer, editor and otherwise unrespectable deviant who loves music, especially metal, more than he does his own skin. He currently works as the assistant editor of the Sacramento News & Review and can be yelled at directly on Twitter @AnthonySiino.