KUTZ Status Report - Summer 2016

Since the inception of our the KUTZ-FM crowdfunding campaign on July 18th, the KUTZ-FM team has been fielding a number of questions regarding the status of the KUTZ project – questions like: “do you have a studio built out yet?; where’s your location going to be?; where and when can I volunteer?; when will you be broadcasting?; can I submit material for broadcast?” ….

The KUTZ-FM team appreciates all of the questions received. It really shows that folks are interested in getting involved and supporting this effort!

Considering all of the questions coming up, the KUTZ-FM team realized that regular ‘status’ reports are probably in order to keep all of our supporters, future listeners, and volunteers in the loop regarding recent and upcoming KUTZ-FM activities and opportunities.

So – where are we at with KUTZ? Great question!

Since 2014, KUTZ-FM has been chipping away at what is surprisingly a pretty complex process of starting up a LPFM radio station. The start-up aspects our team has been working include, but are not limited to:

  • Applying for and being granted an LPFM FCC Construction Permit: Awarded in April of 2014, thanks to the leadership and hard work of Ms. Kaufman in collaboration with Todd Urick and the Common Frequency project

  • Switching Frequencies: Brokering a deal in order to achieve a frequency which had less risk of interference with neighboring frequencies.

  • Establishing a Core Group of Volunteers: This takes a lot of hard work and persistence to get a group of focused folks together to volunteer time, energy, and brainpower towards a start-up effort like this.

  • Figuring out our tax status and how to accept tax free donations: Applied for and was granted fiscal sponsorship by Media Alliance, a nonprofit California Bay Area organization focused on building coalitions for press freedom and media access, accountability, and alternatives. This partnership allows for KUTZ-FM to accept tax free donations from interested parties.

  • Holding our first Community Meeting: Held Summer of 2015, this meeting was the first opportunity for the KUTZ-FM crew to chat and interact with community members interested in volunteering. KUTZ-FM is planning to begin holding regular community meetings in the Fall of 2016.

  • Extending our permit with the FCC: The FCC allows for up to two construction extension periods for LPFM community radio stations. In the Summer of 2015, KUTZ-FM’s deadline to broadcast was fast approaching with no location leads panning out. So the KUTZ-FM team requested and was granted a construction permit extension. KUTZ-FM now has till the Spring pf 2017 to get on the air, with the option of applying for an additional extension period of up to 18 months.

  • Establishing a website and social media presence: The KUTZ-FM website was launched early 2016, with social media presence building before and after. Still a work in progress, but we’re getting there.

  • Investigating potential locations: This has probably been one of our group’s most challenging efforts yet. It's not easy finding a location that has the type of space needed to establish a broadcast studio – let alone one that is into the idea of putting a 20 to 30-foot antenna up on its premises. We have had some great leads so far and we are hoping to zero in on an initial broadcast location in the upcoming months.

  • Raising $$$$: And as mentioned above, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on July 18th (runs through August 31st) with the goal of raising $7,500. The majority of these funds will go towards initial equipment costs needed to begin broadcast.

On top of all this, KUTZ-FM has sponsored a number of awesome music shows and tabled at events, such as the semi-recent and amazing ArtHotel exhibit, put on by M5Arts.

There is a lot in store for KUTZ-FM in the upcoming months. As we get more organized, we look forward to interacting with the community more, offering additional opportunities for all of you to volunteer and get involved.

The best way to learn more about KUTZ-FM is by signing-up for project updates. A sign-up option is available towards the bottom of the KUTZ-FM homepage.

Also - if you haven’t already, please donate and share our crowdfunding campaign! Success with that is critical in order to get us broadcasting.

KUTZ Crowdfunding Campaign Site: https://igg.me/at/kutzfm.

Thanks once again for all of your interest in this project!

- KUTZ-FM Team