KUTZ Perks Reminder

Hey there, if you donated to our Indiegogo campaign and selected a t-shirt as your perk, have you told us your color and size preferences yet? Our volunteer Andrew has been contacting people in order to get their selections. We need to get all these in so we can order our shirts and get them to you!

Please check your email, you should have been contacted. If not, or can't find it, please email us ASAP at kutzradio@gmail.com. Thanks!

September Show Recommendations | by contributor Anthony Siino

This weekend is incredible for the chaos junkies when it comes to Sacramento's buffet of live music, but there are wonderful options for those who like their sounds a bit softer as well. Shall we?

*KUTZ Presents Half-Fest: In case you hadn't heard, our IndieGoGo campaign was completely funded, meaning that we've got the funds to go ahead with broadcasting. Of course, such things take time, so until we start taking over your ears long-distance, we've got something a bit more immediate. Boy Romeo, Lather Machine, House Show, Matthew Mora, So Much Light and Elijah Mead help us celebrate, and if you've donated to help us achieve our funding, check your email to see if we've given you a free pass at the door. (Don't worry if you didn't. Doors are a sliding scale between $5-$20, so give what you can and have a blast with us.) Hit Red Museum (212 15th Street) at 8 p.m. on Friday, September 2, and we'll have a grand old time.

*Instagon: Time to get mathy. Not methy. Just mathy. Local enigma Instagon headlines this set of out-there math jams from Curse League, Electric Snorkel and Plots. It'll be intricate, technical and overwhelmingly stimulating, so get cranked up on caffeine and be ready to have your mind blown. Show starts early at 5 p.m. at Press Club (2030 P Street) on Sunday, September 4. Costs $7 to get in.


*Phobia: If all that sounds too tame for you, then Starlite Lounge (1517 21st Street) up the road is hosting grindcore legends Phobia that very same Sunday. They'll be playing with Nomads, Columbian Necktie, Augurs and RAD. I'm gonna level with you guys: This lineup is insane. First off, if you're into local music, you already understand how rad RAD is, and you might have a sense of how amazing Augurs from Oakland is. Second, nobody's making music like Colombian Necktie's blend of sludge and rockin' hardcore right now. Third, Phobia, maaaaaan. Phobia. If you have a single ounce of love in your heart for fast, aggressive music, you can't miss this one. $12 in advance and $14 at the door, with everything kicking off some time around 7 p.m.

We did it!!

We did it. Thank you. We reached our Indiegogo goal. It's all because of our awesome Sacramento community (and beyond!) 109 awesome contributions amounted to $7919, with an anonymous donor pledging $2000 total. We are so happy to have made our goal. This money will allow us to purchase the equipment and supplies needed for broadcast.

A few people have asked, and yes we already have our FCC Broadcast License. We obtained it a few years ago when the FCC had an open application period, aided by the non profit media group Common Frequency.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes and we can't wait to share it with you. In the meantime, please enjoy the contributor "thank you show" happening tomorrow, Friday September 2nd at the Red Museum. All contributors get in free. Your name will be on a list at the door.

A million thank you's; you're all awesome. KUTZ Community Freeform Radio is moving forward because of you!

Late August & September Recommendations | by contributor Anthony Siino

Summer isn't over yet, and neither are local tunes. Check out my picks for the coming week's best bets for your show dollars.

Colonial Fest 2: Looking to get into area punk but don't know where to start? How about we start with two days of pop punk, hardcore, rock 'n' roll and more at Cafe Colonial (3520 Stockton Boulevard)? The second Colonial Fest heaps 21 bands across Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28, starting at 3 p.m. both days, and you can get a ticket for both of 'em for $15, or a one-day pass for $10. Performing bands include Cross Class, the O'Mulligans, Peace Killers, Mad Judy, the Enlows, Pisscat, the Rolling Blackouts and way, way more. Did I mention that this whole thing is a fundraiser so Cafe Colonial can pick up better gear to make their shows sound even better? Can't not go now.

Mars Red Sky: OK, so here's how this is gonna go. We're gonna smoke a lot of weed. Huge rips from massive bongs, because we're medical cannabis patients and that's what we need to combat our asthma attacks, according to our scrips. Then we're going to hit up Starlite Lounge (1517 21st Street) to see Mars Red Sky, (waning) and Pinnacles. If you're a metalhead, you'll love the grooving fuzz and heavy vibes. If you're the friend of a metalhead who's been too scared to join said friend at any of their shows, you'll love the gentler psych vibes. If you're a mildly dark person whose only reason to hate metal is the screaming, you'll love how all of these awesome bands enable your moody side without a single gurgle or shriek. No matter what, it's gonna be a full-body experience. Bring $12 when doors open at 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 1.

Anthony Siino is a Sacramento writer, editor and otherwise unrespectable deviant who loves music, especially metal, more than he does his own skin. He currently works as the assistant editor of the Sacramento News & Review and can be yelled at directly on Twitter @AnthonySiino.

KUTZ Supporter Challenge

We are at 62% of our goal with 10 days remaining on our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. That means $2,861 remaining to be 100% funded. But, we are closer than you think!

An anonymous donor gave $1000 and has issued a challenge to our supporters: if we reach the $6,500 mark by end of business 5PM Friday Aug 26, they will MATCH their original donation to ensure we reach our goal of $7,500.

We need $1,861 by Friday evening!

Every dollar counts. Consider giving another $10, $30, $50 or more. Get another KUTZ shirt for yourself or as a gift. Tote bags can be used for records, groceries, yarn, knick-knacks, regular knacks, and more. Or click "BACK IT", type in an amount, and be rewarded with immediate intrinsic gratification!

Please give what you can and tell others to donate.

Thank you!

August Shows PT 2 | by contributor Anthony Siino

Lotsa shows worth checking out, but you can't see them all. Here are two of my favorite picks for the coming week:

*Kevin Seconds & Steve Soto: It's tempting to look at this lineup and think, “Oh man, top-notch punks getting together on the same bill, this is gonna rip.” You'd be right if you thought that, but maybe not the exact way you envisioned it. Sure, area punk everyman Kevin Seconds, of 7Seconds, and Steve Soto, of Adolescents, are playing with local champs Danny Secretion, of the Secretions, and Dino Eneboccir, of Sneeze Attack, but that doesn't mean you're going to get distorted guitars and high-energy angst. No, any angst at Cafe Colonial (3520 Stockton Boulevard) on Friday, August 19, will be of the more mellow, acoustic variety. It's a nice opportunity to get to know these guys for their songwriting chops and thougthfulness without risking any sort of pit. Show starts at 8 p.m.

*Helen Money & John Haughm: It'll get real dark and eclectic over at Starlite Lounge (1521 21st Street) when these two roll in on Monday, August 22. You may recognize John Haughm as the brains behind Agalloch, which is sadly no more. But the real gem here is Helen Money, an artist who can build entire drone compositions out of ingenious use of her cello and some loop pedals. With the two of them working together, who knows what sort of incredible avant garde black metal-esque atmosphere we're going to get. Roll through with $10 at 8 p.m. and prepare for the end.

Anthony Siino is a Sacramento writer, editor and otherwise unrespectable deviant who loves music, especially metal, more than he does his own skin. He currently works as the assistant editor of the Sacramento News & Review and can be yelled at directly on Twitter @AnthonySiino.

August Shows | by contributor Anthony Siino

Sacramento blesses us and curses us with far too many shows. In the spirit of thrift and economy, these shows should be your top priority through the weekend.

*Sac Stay Home Fest: One day overwhelmingly fat with some of Sacramento's most fun acts, all to raise funds for our local musical instrument library Musiclandria. The jazz guitar of Ross Hammond, the fatty riffs of Sun Valley Gun Club, the ever-so-glamorous and ever-so-dirty Mondo Deco and far more come together in a massive day of music, comedy and even a damn slip-n-slide. Get over to Red Museum (212 15th Street) by 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, to capture the complete experience. Plus, entry is donation-based, so pay what you can (and then some if you really can) and get a Sacramento overdose.

*Wreck and Reference: If Sac Stay Home Fest sounds like a distressing overload of joy and good people, then maybe your mopey self could use some more aggressive and depressive electronic business. Wreck and Reference, Lil' Dowager and Some Ember each take their own turns beating up and tuning down the art of downer electronic music. Highly out-there, highly innovative, highly vulnerable and highly synthy. Hit up the Morgue (look it up) in Davis at 8 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, and carry some cash to help the bands on their way.

*Mattress: Maybe this show's on the list because KUTZ FM is helping to put it on. Or maybe it's on the list because Mattress is rad as hell, a creeping combination of John Maus-ian reverb ghost wails and plinking electro drums. Toss in the experimental pop of Dubais and the psyched-out omega local DIY weirdos of Art Lessing & Flower Vato and you've got a perfect show for that outsider-music loving, utterly deranged but adorably gentle heart of yours. Cafe Colonial (3520 Stockton Boulevard) is the place, Sunday, August 14, is the day and 8 p.m. is the time for you to part with $5 (or more, if'n you're feeling it) for the pleasure of getting downright absurd.

Anthony Siino is a Sacramento writer, editor and otherwise unrespectable deviant who loves music, especially metal, more than he does his own skin. He currently works as the assistant editor of the Sacramento News & Review and can be yelled at directly on Twitter @AnthonySiino.

KUTZ Status Report - Summer 2016

Since the inception of our the KUTZ-FM crowdfunding campaign on July 18th, the KUTZ-FM team has been fielding a number of questions regarding the status of the KUTZ project – questions like: “do you have a studio built out yet?; where’s your location going to be?; where and when can I volunteer?; when will you be broadcasting?; can I submit material for broadcast?” ….

The KUTZ-FM team appreciates all of the questions received. It really shows that folks are interested in getting involved and supporting this effort!

Considering all of the questions coming up, the KUTZ-FM team realized that regular ‘status’ reports are probably in order to keep all of our supporters, future listeners, and volunteers in the loop regarding recent and upcoming KUTZ-FM activities and opportunities.

So – where are we at with KUTZ? Great question!

Since 2014, KUTZ-FM has been chipping away at what is surprisingly a pretty complex process of starting up a LPFM radio station. The start-up aspects our team has been working include, but are not limited to:

  • Applying for and being granted an LPFM FCC Construction Permit: Awarded in April of 2014, thanks to the leadership and hard work of Ms. Kaufman in collaboration with Todd Urick and the Common Frequency project

  • Switching Frequencies: Brokering a deal in order to achieve a frequency which had less risk of interference with neighboring frequencies.

  • Establishing a Core Group of Volunteers: This takes a lot of hard work and persistence to get a group of focused folks together to volunteer time, energy, and brainpower towards a start-up effort like this.

  • Figuring out our tax status and how to accept tax free donations: Applied for and was granted fiscal sponsorship by Media Alliance, a nonprofit California Bay Area organization focused on building coalitions for press freedom and media access, accountability, and alternatives. This partnership allows for KUTZ-FM to accept tax free donations from interested parties.

  • Holding our first Community Meeting: Held Summer of 2015, this meeting was the first opportunity for the KUTZ-FM crew to chat and interact with community members interested in volunteering. KUTZ-FM is planning to begin holding regular community meetings in the Fall of 2016.

  • Extending our permit with the FCC: The FCC allows for up to two construction extension periods for LPFM community radio stations. In the Summer of 2015, KUTZ-FM’s deadline to broadcast was fast approaching with no location leads panning out. So the KUTZ-FM team requested and was granted a construction permit extension. KUTZ-FM now has till the Spring pf 2017 to get on the air, with the option of applying for an additional extension period of up to 18 months.

  • Establishing a website and social media presence: The KUTZ-FM website was launched early 2016, with social media presence building before and after. Still a work in progress, but we’re getting there.

  • Investigating potential locations: This has probably been one of our group’s most challenging efforts yet. It's not easy finding a location that has the type of space needed to establish a broadcast studio – let alone one that is into the idea of putting a 20 to 30-foot antenna up on its premises. We have had some great leads so far and we are hoping to zero in on an initial broadcast location in the upcoming months.

  • Raising $$$$: And as mentioned above, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on July 18th (runs through August 31st) with the goal of raising $7,500. The majority of these funds will go towards initial equipment costs needed to begin broadcast.

On top of all this, KUTZ-FM has sponsored a number of awesome music shows and tabled at events, such as the semi-recent and amazing ArtHotel exhibit, put on by M5Arts.

There is a lot in store for KUTZ-FM in the upcoming months. As we get more organized, we look forward to interacting with the community more, offering additional opportunities for all of you to volunteer and get involved.

The best way to learn more about KUTZ-FM is by signing-up for project updates. A sign-up option is available towards the bottom of the KUTZ-FM homepage.

Also - if you haven’t already, please donate and share our crowdfunding campaign! Success with that is critical in order to get us broadcasting.

KUTZ Crowdfunding Campaign Site: https://igg.me/at/kutzfm.

Thanks once again for all of your interest in this project!

- KUTZ-FM Team