What is KUTZ?
KUTZ FM is a new low-power FM radio project in Sacramento, California, currently broadcasting at 107.1.  KUTZ is a completely volunteer run non-profit organization that is supported directly by community donations/ contributions.

What will KUTZ broadcast?
KUTZ aims to broadcast diverse music and public interest programming, focusing on and giving priority to content which is currently unavailable through other local media outlets. KUTZ is also dedicated to the ‘freeform’ programming format. 

What is ‘freeform’?
Freeform is a format in which the disc jockey (DJ) is given total control over what music to play, regardless of music genre or commercial interests. It’s a format that emphasizes the uniqueness of individual DJs as well as the local community. 

How do I donate towards this effort? 
If you are interested is donating funds towards our start up efforts, please contact KUTZ leadership at kutzradio@gmail.com. 

How can I find out more and/or volunteer with KUTZ? 
For general information and upcoming events check out the KUTZ facebook page or ask to join the KUTZ facebook group

KUTZ holds semi-regular community meetings for volunteers. For information on upcoming community meetings, contact kutzradio@gmail.com or join our mailing list available on the KUTZ Home page.